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Details of Staff at Maharishi School of Excellence Senior Secondary Chennai

At Maharishi School of Excellence Senior Secondary, Chennai a well-qualified, trained, experienced and motivated teaching staff is the key to quality education. The ability of our teaching staff enables every child to acquire academic skills and develop an analytical approach to problem solving. Limited number of students in each class to ensure individual attention and close supervision. The relationship between teachers and students does not end with the class. Besides regular parents and teachers meetings, the teachers keep in touch with the parents and create a better understanding among all. It gives a new depth to the teacher-student-parent relationship.

MSE Chennai Pincipal Dr.    Ph.D.  T.Suprabha Singh  
Principal of MSE, Chennai

Number of Teaching Staff

Designation Total No.
Academic co-ordinator 1
Art & Craft Teacher 1
Principal 1
Librarian 1
P.E.T. 3
P.G.T. 5
N.T.T. 6
T.G.T. 11
P.R.T. 22

List of Staff
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr.  Ph.D. T.Suprabha Singh  Principal Ph.D.
2  Mrs. Yamuna Bai   Academic co-ordinator M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.A.(HR).
3  Mrs. C.Anitha Kumari   P.G.T. M.Sc.,B.Ed.
4  Mrs. Veena Devi   P.G.T. M.Phil.,B.Ed.
5  Mrs. Ramalakshmi   P.G.T. M.Sc.,B.Ed.
6  Mr. Madan Kumar   P.G.T. M.Phil.,B.Ed.
7  Mrs. Praja Priya   P.G.T. M.Sc.,B.Ed.
8  Mr. Subramanian   T.G.T. M.Sc.,B.Ed.
9   S.Vijayalakshmi   T.G.T. B.A.,B.Ed.
10   B.Vijayalakshmi   T.G.T. M.A.,B.Ed.
11   Hinduja   T.G.T. M.Sc.,B.Ed.
12  Mrs. Subha   T.G.T. B.A.,B.Ed.
13  Mrs. Anita Haridas   T.G.T. M.A., B.Ed.
14  Mrs. Elakiya   T.G.T. M.Sc.,B.Ed.
15  Mrs. Kundhavi Dhinakaran   T.G.T. M.A.,B.Ed.
16  Mrs. Sandhya   T.G.T. M.A.,B.Ed.
17  Miss. Sandhya   T.G.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
18  Mrs. Vidhya   T.G.T. M.Phil.
19  Mrs. Gayathri   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
20  Miss. Aishwarya   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
21  Mrs. Mahalakshmi   P.R.T. B.Com.,B.Ed.
22  Mrs. Shanthi   P.R.T. B.A.,B.Ed.
23  Mrs. Kavitha   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
24  Mrs. Anitha.V   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
25  Mrs. Vennila   P.R.T. M.Sc.,B.Ed.
26  Mrs. Lakshmi Devi   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
27  Mrs. Vijaya   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
28  Mrs. Revathi   P.R.T. M.A.,B.Ed.
29  Mrs. Kuppabai   P.R.T. B.A.,B.Ed.
30  Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari   P.R.T. M.A.,B.Ed.
31  Mrs. S.V.Lakshmi   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
32  Mrs. Sangeetha   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
33  Mrs. Venkatalakshmi   P.R.T. B.A.,B.Ed.
34  Mrs. Kowsalya   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
35  Mrs. Dhivya   P.R.T. B.Sc.,B.Ed.
36  Mrs. Logaambal   P.R.T. B.A., B.Ed.
37  Mrs. Jayastri   P.R.T. B.A., B.Ed.
38  Mrs. Jayalakshmi   P.R.T. M.Sc., B.Ed.
39  Mrs. SudhaPriya   P.R.T. M.Sc., B.Ed.
40  Mrs. Pavatharani   P.R.T. M.Phil (C.S) B.Ed.
41  Mrs. Narmatha   N.T.T. Montessory
42  Mrs. Balambikai   N.T.T. D.N.Ted.
43  Mrs. Mala   N.T.T. Montessory
44  Mrs. Deepika   N.T.T. B.Sc., B.Ed.
45  Mrs. Jahnvi   N.T.T. B.A., B.Ed.
46  Mr. Moorthy   P.E.T. B.Ped., B.Ed.
47  Mrs. Uma Maheshwari   P.E.T. B.Sc., B.Ped.
48  Mr. Karuvalagan   P.E.T. M.Phil., M.Ped.,
49  Mrs. Shunmugapriya   Librarian MILIS
50  Mr. Purushothaman   Art & Craft Teacher M. Arts
51   Renugadevi   N.T.T. B.Com. D.P.T.T.

Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff/non teaching staff (to be updated time to time) as per CBSE norms, VIth pay commission.

Mode of payment of salary

Salary is drawn through Bank of Baroda by single cheque transfer for the permanent staff and individual cheque for the part time staff.